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Chemical Storage Solutions

With over 45 years of engineering, design and manufacturing experience, we are one of the industry's leading designers and manufacturers of HazMat storage buildings.That experience, along with competitive pricing and an ongoing, uncompromising commitment to excellence in product design and customer service has earned C & E Storage Products, Inc. the status of Sole Supplier to many of today’s major corporations.

Explosive Storage Magazines
ATF Type 2 Outdoor Magazine with Cap Box
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    Plastic Tanks, Secondary                 Containment and                     Environmental Control                           Systems

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Standard HazMat Buildings

StandardHazMat Storage Buildings - Built to Code and Portable
Custom HazMat

Custom Designed Buildings Built to Order
Military & Maritime
Hazmat Buildings

Custom Military HazMat Storage 
Modular HazMat Buildings


Modular HazMat Building
Safety Cabinets

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet
 Explosion Proof RefrigerationExplosion Proof, Refrigerated HazMat Storage
 Custom Steel Pallets and Platforms

Heavy Load Platform for Blowout Prevention Valves

Military Field Support Generator Platform
Poly & Steel PalletsJustrite Std. Steel Containment Pallets Securall Std. Steel Containment Pallets
Justrite Plastic Containment PalletsEag;e Nestable Spill Pallet
Previously Owned Products - Available Now 
26'-0" x 8'-0" x 8'-6" 
(L X W X H)
4 Hr Fire Rated
(Check here for details)

26x8x8 HM 4hf fire rated

26x8x8 HM Bldg Ceiling Lights Fire Suppression

26x8x8 HM Bldg - w stock

26x8x8 HM Bldg qtr
26x8x8 HM 4hr fire rated - back A/C
Interior - 26x8x8 4hr fire rated
26x8x8 HM Bldg Heat - AC
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